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Specialists for difficult orders

If you have demanding order, a difficult element to perform or specialist part for milling - We are for you!

We have extensive experience and knowledge, and above all, we like interesting challenges ordered by our clients.

We have the skills and knowledge to make a product from scratch based on documentation or based on a damaged part.

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Specialists in difficult tasks - milling, machining


CNC machining

We make details to build, among others, production lines. We like challenges, so we do not focus on serial production of details - we successfully help our clients in atypical and advanced forms and details.

We design and roll parts and molds, as well as sleeves, jaws, gauges and blanking dies. We offer cutting, engraving, 2D and 3D projects, turning, milling, welding and drilling in metals such as steel, stainless steel, brass, plastic, aluminum, bronze, copper and Teflon.
CNC machining

We make spare parts

Parts for machines and devices, eg bending machines. We support the automotive, aviation, construction and agricultural industries.

We deal with the implementation of spare parts comprehensively - from the design based on the part supplied or its scheme to make a detail.
We make spare parts

Custom parts for tuning

We design and make individual (custom) parts for vehicles and machines.

Examples of parts we can offer are clutches or brake callipers, but we are able to propose an individual implementation of almost every order.
Custom parts for tuning, automatic clutch

Machine park

Tools for difficult tasks

Our machine park consists of universal devices with wide applications. Thanks to this, we can efficiently adapt the production process to atypical and difficult orders. We have the possibility to extend the machine park, depending on the needs, with additional specialized machines.

In order to determine the technical capabilities of the order, please contact our representative.
Machine park
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